If you want an abortion, can you answer these three questions?

1. Are you pregnant? A missed period often causes a woman to think she may be pregnant. However, there can be other reasons for a missed period. Have a test done and get the results confirmed before you make an abortion decision. At the Pregnancy Clinic our tests are laboratory grade urine tests and they are free!

2. How far along is your pregnancy? Knowing how far along you are in the pregnancy is an important aspect of the decision making process. Up to 30% of early pregnancies end in miscarriage, so if your pregnancy is early, some other things should be considered. At the Pregnancy Clinic, many of our clients qualify for a free ultrasound to determine how far along a pregnancy is and if it is viable (alive).1 Find out for free if your pregnancy will even continue before you make an abortion decision.

3. Do you have an STD? If you are planning to have a surgical abortion and have not been checked for STDs since you became pregnant, you should take this important step first. An untreated STD can be aggravated by a surgical abortion, causing damage to your body now and also putting your future reproductive health at risk.2 We test for STDs at the Pregnancy Clinic and testing is free!

Having the answers to these questions is a critical part of your decision making process. At the Pregnancy Clinic we want to provide you with helpful information that will promote good physical and mental health.

Call today for an appointment to meet with a counselor and get the answers to your questions. All services are free.


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I’m Pregnant! Now What?

When a women discovers she is pregnant, her life will never be the same, no matter what choice she makes about her pregnancy. It is wise to take some time to process the initial shock. Take a deep breath, take a moment to think about your next steps. The direction you decide upon might be the most important decision you have ever made, so be sure to take enough time to consider every aspect of your situation.

Many people in your life may have an opinion about what you should do: your partner, your parents, your close friends. Remember that the decision to make a plan for your pregnancy is yours and yours alone.

However, it can be helpful to talk to someone outside of your circle of friends and family, someone with extensive knowledge of your options who can answer those tough questions you may have. At the Pregnancy Clinic, our specially trained counselors and nurses are here for you in a safe, confidential space. Free pregnancy testing, STD testing, viability ultrasounds, and compassionate, caring staff.

Call or text us today for a free, confidential appointment. No judgement and no pressure-we’ve been there and will be there for you, too.