Understand Abortion Procedures

If you plan to visit an abortion clinic in the Annapolis, Bowie or Severna Park areas, it’s important to remember that abortion is a medical procedure. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to make an appointment for a free, confidential, professional abortion information consultation, pregnancy test, and viability ultrasound if needed.

The Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)¹

The Abortion Pill (Mifeprex) is the most common medication abortion procedure in the United States. The Abortion Pill may cause serious side effects, including failure to terminate the pregnancy. In spite of the risks, the FDA has extended the approved time frame for the Abortion Pill from 49 days (7 weeks) to 70 days (10 weeks) from the last menstrual period.

Three Step Process

Medication abortion requires a three (or more) step process. The first step is visiting an abortion provider for an assessment and the first dose of medication. Two days later, the patient takes a second dose of medication at home. After this dose, cramping will begin to expel the embryo. The final step is to return to the abortion provider to determine if the abortion procedure was complete.

Medication Abortion May Fail

If medication abortion fails or is incomplete, a surgical abortion may be required. If you’re considering a medical abortion, make sure you have all the information about this procedure and the surgical options as well. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to make an appointment for a free pregnancy test and medical consultation with our medical staff.

Morning After Pill

The morning after pill (also known as emergency contraception, Plan B, Ella, or etc.) is not the same as the Abortion Pill (or Mifeprex). The morning after pill is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It works by delaying ovulation and interfering with fertilization. The morning after pill contains a high dose of progesterone, a drug found in many birth control pills. At this high dose, progesterone may prevent a conceived pregnancy from implanting in the uterus.² If you have any questions about the morning after pill, contact the Pregnancy Clinic.

Factors To Consider Before Taking The Morning After Pill

What are the risks? What if I am already pregnant? What if I’ve taken it before or need it again? Am I at risk for an STD?

Is Abortion Painful?

Women who’ve had an abortion report different experiences. Some women experience minimum discomfort while others say their abortion was painful. In addition to reporting physical pain, some women also say they suffer from emotional pain following their abortion procedure. Contact the Pregnancy Clinic to talk to someone about your questions and concerns before undergoing an abortion.

Surgical Abortion³

To learn more about surgical abortion, contact the Pregnancy Clinic to make an appointment for a free, confidential, professional abortion information consultation, pregnancy test, and viability ultrasound if needed.

Common Types of Surgical Abortions

  • Vacuum Aspiration: An abortion performed 4-13 weeks from the last period.
  • Dilation & Curettage (D & C): A surgical abortion procedure used up to 16 weeks gestation. It is also referred to as suction curettage or vacuum aspiration.
  • Dilation & Evacuation (D & E): A surgical abortion procedure used after 16 weeks gestation.
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