National Women’s Health Week

It’s National Women’s Health Week!

Wow.  What a time to be celebrating health—right during a public health crisis.  But, this might be the reminder we need to shift our focus from crisis to thriving.  By now, you’ve heard the common mantra for Covid-19: “Keep your distance and wash your hands.”  And perhaps you’ve found yourself in a rut from the monotony of staying home.  For some, the stay-home order has come as a welcome respite from busy commutes and sports schedules.  For others, it has brought fear of finances, future, and fatality.  It’s time to self-examine!  Over the next weeks we’ll look at how you can get your feet back on track physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Let’s talk first about physical health.  You’ve learned about hand-washing hygiene and the importance of face masks, but what about these other areas:

  • The Doctor Will See You Now: Doctors and dentists are opening appointments. When was your last physical?  Last dental cleaning?  Last eye exam?  If you are concerned about pregnancy, abortion, or sexual health, our clinic can help you with free services. The extra time at home has left many…well…with extra time for sex.  If you are wondering if you are pregnant or are considering abortion, we can help.
  • Get off the couch: Turn off the TV or the computer—even for an hour—and go outside. If you are not a big-time exerciser, you can still walk around the block, get your heart moving, free your mind, breathe fresh air, and get Vitamin D.
  • Hydrate: Most people do not realize how important, yet simple this is.  Water is important for your mental and physical health as well as how you feel.
  • Sleep: Perhaps your “clock” has shifted with the lack of structure.  Or that computer or phone is too hard to put down.  You need time to power-down just like your electronics do.
  • A new you: Maybe it’s time to rethink those bad habits or addictions. It’s tempting to stay home and comfort yourself with alcohol or drugs…or even food.  But the world is trying to come back to life.  What do you want yours to be?

Next week we’ll take a look at mental and emotional health. In the meantime, call or text us at 443-333-8856 if we can help you.

Our pregnancy services are all free, and our doors are open if you find yourself needing a pregnancy test or to talk to someone about abortion.


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